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DISCLAIMER:   This membership list is being made available to assist potential European Burmese pet owners in the search for a kitten or cat.  WEBS does not endorse any particular breeder and will not accept responsibility for transactions conducted as a result of contact through this membership list.



California (CA)    

Helen Erskine

Silkbear Cattery

Topanga, CA


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Florida (FL)    

Scotty Wolfson

Terewolf Cattery

Ocala, FL


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Georgia (GA)    

Gwen Watson

Iambe Cattery

Newnan, GA


Idaho (ID)    

Mila Denny

Sacred Spirit Cattery

Rigby, ID


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Illinois (IL)    

Robin Bryan

Chamsey Cattery

Champaign, IL


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Iowa (IA)    

Jean & Eric Mote

Cedar Rapids, IA

(pet owners)


Kansas (KS)    

Allene Keating

Mayonaka Cattery

Topeka, KS


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Kentucky (KY)    

Judith Bemis

Jamis Cattery

Berea, KY



Maryland (MD)    

Cheryl & Perry Coleman

Cher-Per Cattery

Gaithersburg, MD 





Lou Keim

Bijoux Cats Cattery

Jarrettsville, MD 


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Missouri (MO)    

Linda Massey

Kirkwood, MO

(pet owner)


Montana (MT)    

Cathy Arend

Cherri Creek Cattery

Hinsdale, MT




New York (NY)    

Leslie & Elizabeth Weisbrod

Pittsford, NY

(pet owners)


North Carolina (NC)    

Janet Cross

Brevard, NC

(pet owner)


Ohio (OH)    

Debra Comeans

DeKattCo Cattery

Grove City, OH

Ann-Louise De Voe

Bodyguard Cattery

Grove City, OH


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Ginger Gunlock

Penobscot Cattery

South of Dayton, OH

Jennifer Lawton

Catatouille Cattery

Franklin, OH



Pennsylvania (PA)    

Cindy Berish

Saylorsburg, PA

(pet owner)



Wisconsin (WI)    

Leanne Froebel

Schofield, WI

(pet owner)



Johnny Johansson

Jeka-Mis Cattery

Located in Sweden







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