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Who said that dogs and cats don't get along?

caymkompis.jpg (293543 bytes)

So this is my new friend? He is a little bit too big, or?

caykompis1.jpg (298693 bytes)

Well, I guess I can at least give him a chance?

CleoandLeoplaying.jpg (33501 bytes)

It is really fun if your owner gives you a cat tree AND a cat friend to play with!

If there are no cat friends or dog friends around you have to take what is offered to you!

desertrose3.jpg (29225 bytes)

Stuffed animals can be boring to have as friends, unless you get one that looks like a real mouse!

You can also explore the fire place if you are a cream kitten and want to look like a tortie!

lilactortietv.jpg (44508 bytes)

If you have nothing else to do you can spend time watching TV.

lilactortietv2.jpg (40091 bytes)

Have to be really close to the TV so I can see better!

Ice hockey is great to watch on the TV. Difficult to follow the puck though!

hiding.jpg (8902 bytes)

Okay, it is time to play hide & seek. There is no way they will see me here!

The curtain didn't work to hide behind. A back pack is probably better.

lovisacondo.jpg (66140 bytes)

They can't see me if they don't see my head, correct?

Sometimes it is fun to play with the owner. Especially when you get to fly! 

Just come a little bit closer!

Ready, set ......


Sometimes the European Burmese help their owners to pack their bags hoping that they can go with them!

Wait a minute! Is there someone in that box? Maybe we should take a closer look?


Yes, it is a European Burmese who is helping to put the Christmas stuff away.

kitteninbowl2.jpg (302918 bytes)

After playing for so long we get hungry and sometimes we have to actually sit in the bowl to make sure that no one else gets the food.

loki&leshy.jpg (140874 bytes)

And then we get thirsty and drinking water from the water bowl is not as much fun as from the faucet.



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