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dresser1.jpg (408696 bytes)

We are also known to be helpful trying to fix anything that is broke.

dresser2.jpg (215111 bytes)

Maybe the problem has something to do with the drawer above?

dresser3.jpg (199178 bytes)

Sometimes we can't fix the problem and then we have to give up and give the owner a chance.

farrisdrawer.jpg (56434 bytes)

Working can be exhausting sometimes and then we have to find a good spot where we can take a nap! 

Some cat trees have really neat places where you can take a nap. The problem is to get in there.

After a long day exploring things we of course get tired, yawn and need somewhere to sleep.

farrissuntanning.jpg (38770 bytes)

If there is one spot of sun in the house you know that your European Burmese will find it.

Not too bad if the spot is on the couch either!

On those days with no sun we have to find other places where we can get warm. This cat figured out that there is warm air coming through under the refrigerator.



Hugging each other to stay warm is also a good way of sleeping. Brothers who love each other!

Boyfriend & girlfriend love!

sleephard.jpg (125260 bytes)

Play hard, sleep harder!

Just the right size basket!

hallopenagirl.jpg (120522 bytes)

Mom resting with her kittens.

Do you mind if I nibble on your ear while you are sleeping?

Belgie in Bed.jpg (45646 bytes)

The bed isn't bad at all. Especially when you get both a pillow and a blanket!

sleepinglap.jpg (36695 bytes)

A pair of legs is probably one of the most popular places to sleep on.

sleepinglap2.jpg (38012 bytes)

It is amazing how fast you can fall asleep when you find the right lap!

Sometimes there is just no space for humans on the chair!



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