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Sometimes things don't work out like we planned. Life changes and things happen to change our state of affairs. Because of this, we decided that it was necessary for WEBS to have a rescue/rehoming contact person. 


* If you know of a European Burmese that needs to get rescued or rehomed you can contact Allene Keating at 785-594-6424 or at to get more information.

* If you would like to adopt a European Burmese rescue contact Allene Keating at 785-594-6424 or at



Our rescued cats are most likely not from an abused situation. The cats most likely come from loving homes, but the homes themselves have been interrupted in one way or another. These cats are neutered/spayed before they are rehomed.

We take pride in our beautiful cats and the homes that we find for them. Let Allene find you a loving grateful European Burmese rescue today!!


Available cats (contact Allene to get more information):


We currently do not have any European Burmese rescue or rehome cats on our list. If you want us to contact you regarding future rescue/rehoming cats please contact Allene Keating at 785-594-6424 or at



Here are some European Burmese cats who have been rehomed through WEBS:






3/16/02 - Sakuranohana Francis, 2 1/2 year old lilac male & 

Sa-Burm's Sebastian, 1 1/2 year old blue male


Happy, new owner is Becky Howe in McLeansboro, IL






February/04 - Reece & Storm, cream males


Happy, new owner is Leah Taylor, Minnesota.






July/05 - Leo, 11 year old red male


Happy, new owner is Cecily Hatchitt in El Granada, CA.





Feb/10 - Amber & Ghita, two 3-year old lilac females


Happy, new owners are Peder and Janet Matthews in Vacaville, CA.




May/10 - Martha & Matilda, two 11-year old females reconnected with breeder and rehomed.







Oct/10 - Pearl, 9-year old female rehomed.



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